Shoring up your foundation to hold a heavy load

Author: Carolyn Whiting
Author’s Email Address: Author’s Agency or Organization: Retired  Town of Greenburgh NY Police Department
Author or Author Agency’s Web site: facebook:  The Crazy Lives of Police Wives

As a former police officer and a police wife I have seen my marriage from both sides.   Working with “the guys” has given me a perspective from a police officer’s point of view.  Knowing many police wives and being one has given me a perspective from the wife’s point of view.  Can the two meet somewhere in the middle?  Yes!   Continue reading

How to cope with challenging or controlling behaviour in your own relationships

Author: Tina Royles
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As Police Officers/Law Enforcement Officers it is part and parcel of the role to deal with challenging, difficult and traumatic situations with high regularity; and although we like to think that the barrier or shield that we surround ourselves with will protect us from the affects of the impact of such incidents/situations after a while the continual impact penetrates. But what happens with the emotional pain that we feel; what is the outlet for any negative emotions or do we bottle them all up until the pressure builds up and the lid flies off. Continue reading

Trinity of Training- Family, Body, Mind

Author: Sgt Joseph Zalenski
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Author’s Agency or Organization: Cape Coral Police Department, Florida USA
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To survive this career, an officer must be exposed to concepts that are not covered in the police academy. An officer must prepare the family for the unique situations that may arise and their own body both mentally and physically. Several police training concepts have been embraced trainers in my agency and presented to officers and spouses. LTC Dave Grossman’s books On Killing and On Combat have exposure nationally. Continue reading