How to cope with challenging or controlling behaviour in your own relationships

Author: Tina Royles
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As Police Officers/Law Enforcement Officers it is part and parcel of the role to deal with challenging, difficult and traumatic situations with high regularity; and although we like to think that the barrier or shield that we surround ourselves with will protect us from the affects of the impact of such incidents/situations after a while the continual impact penetrates. But what happens with the emotional pain that we feel; what is the outlet for any negative emotions or do we bottle them all up until the pressure builds up and the lid flies off. Continue reading

First Responders Plan for Optimal Long Term Health

Author: Dave McDowell, Retired Police Sergeant
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Author’s Agency or Organization: Westminster PD, Orange County CA and the First Responders Fitness Challenge
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Working Patrol, Detectives, Dispatch, Records or Administration all have one thing in common ~ the challenge of maintaining long term optimal health. If you are a first responder or someone who supports those who protect us 24/7 across the United States – we welcome you to this fitness challenge by visiting A note to our fellow first responders and their families: After 25 years in the business you know I know how you think so here is the bottom line .  Continue reading

On Mental Illness and Stress: Tips on How to Stay Sane; and ALIVE!

Author: Margaret Higgins

I am a 100% service-connected (US Army) disabled veteran.  I am mentally ill; and I have a concomitant stress disorder.

First of all: I now have God, and Jesus Christ, in my life.  They are my greatest helps.  (Scriptures such as: “Have no anxiety about anything.”  and “I cast my cares on Jesus Christ, for he cares for me.  He will sustain me.”  “I came so that they might have joy.  And that their joy may be complete.”  “For freedom, Christ has set us free.”- help me no end.  However, they must be practiced, to be affective.) Continue reading

Getting Enough Sleep is Critical to Your Safety and Success

 John Marx, CPP
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Executive Director – The Law Enforcement Survival Institute
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It’s very clear in modern research that people in our modern society are not getting enough sleep and that sleep deficit is cause major health and life problems. If you put police officers and other law enforcement professionals into the mix who work odd hours, have high stress jobs and are addicted to all kinds of things that are bad for you (alcohol, junk food, caffeine) the the stakes get really high. We are playing a high stakes game of Russian roulette with our safety and health. Continue reading