How to cope with challenging or controlling behaviour in your own relationships

Author: Tina Royles
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As Police Officers/Law Enforcement Officers it is part and parcel of the role to deal with challenging, difficult and traumatic situations with high regularity; and although we like to think that the barrier or shield that we surround ourselves with will protect us from the affects of the impact of such incidents/situations after a while the continual impact penetrates. But what happens with the emotional pain that we feel; what is the outlet for any negative emotions or do we bottle them all up until the pressure builds up and the lid flies off.

As  a  former  Police  Officer  I  know  that  we  don’t  often  as  individuals  like  to  admit  when  we  are  having  a   tough time, so we try to deal with it ourselves. Attempting to deal with it ourselves without the help of the appropriate professionals, often leads to an adverse affect on our own personal intimate relationships, arguments increase in frequency and in severity, relationships may become unhealthy, controlling, abusive and violent.

Domestic Violence is prevalent amongst police officer relationships whether that be as a victim or a perpetrator of the violence and abuse, and yet officers are scared to approach the welfare departments within their own organisations to ask for help often out of fear that they may lose their jobs. But unless as a victim or a perpetrator you seek help the situation will only get worse.

Don’t  suffer  in  silence  – Help is out there to assist you or someone you care about in working through such challenging or controlling behaviour in your own relationships.
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Tina Royles (a former police officer of 16 years with Essex Police (UK) is a leader and professional speaker in the field of domestic violence and challenging relationships. She is Director of Selyor Ltd which incorporates:
Selyor Therapy Centre a counselling and holistic therapy private practice focusing on emotional wellbeing in form of Stress Management, Anger Management, Domestic Violence, Relationships, and on physical wellbeing in the form of Massage. STC specialises in domestic violence work for both victims and perpetrators. Selyor Consultancy focuses on delivering training & writing tailor made training materials & other resourses on domestic violence & other forms of abuse. For information on her Experience, Skills and Knowledge check out the above websites

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