First Responders Plan for Optimal Long Term Health

Author: Dave McDowell, Retired Police Sergeant
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Author’s Agency or Organization: Westminster PD, Orange County CA and the First Responders Fitness Challenge
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Working Patrol, Detectives, Dispatch, Records or Administration all have one thing in common ~ the challenge of maintaining long term optimal health. If you are a first responder or someone who supports those who protect us 24/7 across the United States – we welcome you to this fitness challenge by visiting A note to our fellow first responders and their families: After 25 years in the business you know I know how you think so here is the bottom line .  A free personal health coaching service to help people achieve optimal health through a comprehensive, easy & medically-backed cost neutral nutrition program used at Johns Hopkins Univ. & recommended by 20,000+ doctors.

Your free coach is my wife Nancy ~ a Registered Nurse and your humble Retired Sergeant ~ Dave.  The best way to find out what this is all about and get started is to just call us.  When it comes to your health or your families health your “why” is just as important as the “how” which is why we enjoy the new friend’s we make one at a time.   Nancy’s cell is 541-390-2273 and Dave’s is 541-390-2891. Do check out our website and the rest of this article but knowing how good you all are at making decisions followed by kicking in doors, or as a dispatcher waiting for that officer to call back in on a hot call; I don’t have to worry about you not wanting to make a phone call.  If you can wake up a judge at 3am for a telephonic warrant you can call us with no worries.

Our clients lose up to 2-5 pounds per week and are able to eliminate/reduce medications and often reverse Type II Diabetes. We are anxious to share the gift that was given to us through this easy to follow path to a new lifestyle.  The best part about sharing is that we simply want to help you share your “why” when it comes to health in your life.  Each person has to be ready on their own and that is always your decision.  We will be there to listen tomorrow or next year :).  One question we know you will want an answer to is, “Can I do this working 9’s or 12.5 hour shifts?”  Absolutely and we look forward to sharing our tips to do just that!

For anyone desiring to lose weight or maintain their weight it’s important to eat five to six small meals a day. Eating foods that are low in carbs and fats in the right portions will allow you to get into a mild fat burning state and burn calories from your own fat. Getting into this mild fat burning state will keep you from being hungry and give you more energy!

Optimal health is far more than just being at your healthy weight. Find someone who can support you in your goals toward optimal health, preferably an experienced health coach!
We understand working long shifts in a stressful environment and look forward to establishing a long-term relationship with you as your coaches. This is a cost neutral program with many professional resources available to you through your personal Health Coach that charges no fee for their service.

Optimal Health is a whole new approach to well-being that is based on creating health with the Take Shape for Life program.  As you work toward Optimal Health, you’ll learn to make the choices that will help you take charge of your health for the long-term.  Healthy weight loss is just the beginning.

One of Dave’s favorite lines: “30+ lb. sam browne, bad car seats and in 25 years not one suspect had the courtesy to allow me to “stretch” before starting a foot pursuit!” Our numbers are our cell phones so if you have questions you can even call on night shift. We will try to get back to you before your EOW! Nancy ~ 541-390-2273 / Dave ~ 541-390-2891.  ">CLICK HERE to email Nancy or CLICK HERE to email Dave.  Take the first step and share your story with us!


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Author’s Biography:
Dave McDowell met his wife Nancy while they attended BIOLA University.  Nancy has many years experience as a Registered Nurse and also has a passion for leadership development for those who serve others such as Pastors, Chaplains, Missionaries, and church leaders.  Dave continues to work part time as a police officer and contract Federal Background Investigator along with his passion for police training and humanitarian aid work in Sudan and Uganda.  He retired after a 25 year police career in 2004 from the Westminster Police Department in Orange County, CA.  Some of his assignments included the Detective Bureau, SWAT, Adjutant to Chief of Police, Patrol Sergeant, Detective Bureau Sergeant and SWAT.  Dave also founded and directed the Southern California Chaplains Association.  Dave and Nancy have two married daughters and one INCREDIBLE 4 year old grandson all living near them in Oregon.

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